Streets’ Mike Skinner recruits The Music’s Rob Harvey for album

Skinner gets a guest vocalist for next effort

The StreetsMike Skinner has revealed that he has recruited The Music‘s singer Rob Harvey to provide vocals on his next album.

Skinner revealed the collaboration on his website,, where he posted up a picture of himself with Harvey and explained the situation.

“Rocking out with Rob Harvey from The Music on some vocals for my album,” he wrote. “We’ve been mates for (a long) time but something clicked musically recently.”

Skinner had previously announced that the album will be named ‘Computers And Blues’, and will be released in February. He has repeatedly said it will be his last under the name The Streets.

“I did a five-album deal and I don’t think it would be right to be making Streets albums after those five,” he previously told NME.COM. “I always envisaged them as a box set type thing, all the design has been set in stone in a way, there’s a style to it.”