Mike Skinner announces new Streets album title

Skinner Tweets about what could be last Streets album

Mike Skinner has revealed the title of The Streets‘ next album by posting it on his Twitter account.

He explained that the LP, set for release in February, will be titled ‘Computers And Blues’.

In a Tweet on the site the solo artist/producer explained that he was “looking at blue lighters”.


When fans asked him why he replied in non-grammatical fashion: “The lighter is blue because a: the album is called ‘Computers And Blues’. b: I’ve already used orange which is close to red.”

Skinner did not reveal when ‘Computers And Blues’ would be released, or confirm whether it would be his last under the Streets moniker, as he hinted would be the case in December.

Previously, Skinner explained to NME.COM why the next Streets album would be likely to be his last, and also why he likes using lighters for his music’s artwork.

“I did a five-album deal and I don’t think it would be right to be making Streets albums after those five,” he said. “I always envisaged them as a box set type thing, all the design has been set in stone in a way, there’s a style to it.

“I’ve got a vision for each of the albums, the next one will bring it back to the start in a way. It will be a lot more futuristic in terms of the production and it’s going to be a lot more train of thought which the first album was. Maybe when I’m 40 and broke I might come back, but it all feels a bit pants really.”

Talking of the artwork (Clipper lighters have appeared on various Skinner promotional material throughout his musical career), Skinner revealed that he’s looked into getting the brand to make him some custom designs.


“I’m a bit gutted that clipper don’t make a lighter in the right green though,” he said. “They only do dark green and they’ll only do you a custom colour if you order 100,000!”

Skinner spoke to fans while out in London last week (May 28) after organising a meet-up through Twitter.

Click below for video footage of Skinner talking about the album.