Mike Skinner to premiere new songs via Twitter

He's writing a song a day this week, and giving them all away for free

Mike Skinner has promised to give away three brand new Streets songs via his Twitter account this week.

Writing on the social networking site yesterday (April 13), Skinner revealed that he plans to write and record one song a day, and then share them for free over the internet.

His first Tweet about the giveaway outlined his reasons for the move.


It read: “I am going to Tweet three new songs this week. I can’t be bothered with all this trying to sell you music. It wastes valuable time.”

Skinner followed up his original post by stating that he’s “gonna be in so much trouble” for giving the music away for free.

He later went into more detail about the music he’s planning to write.

“Day 1 will be easy. I’ve got one nearly done,” he explained. “Day 2 easy. Day 3 is looking tricky. Might have to post a totally rubbish one.”

The star then revealed his plans for the coming evening, which included watching films and a documentary about ‘Handel’ to gain inspiration.

“Right. ‘Handel’. Then ‘Usual Suspects’. Kevin Spacey inspiration. You won’t hear from me till tomorrow eve and a song I will have,” he wrote.


If Skinner keeps his promise, he will post a new song at some point today (April 14).