The Streets name new album – but reveal their days are numbered

Mike Skinner says next-but-one record will be 'final Streets album'

Mike Skinner has suggested that The Streets next album will be called ‘Everything Is Borrowed’ – but revealed the record that will follow it will be The Streets‘ last release.

Posting on his blog, Skinner said the band’s fourth album will be more uplifting then its predecessor, 2006’s ‘The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living’.

“If you like The Streets you are about to experience the peaceful positive vibes that come after a disturbing work such as the last you heard,” Skinner explained, before revealing he is already working on his next album.


“But the final Streets album (the fifth one) will be dark and futuristic. This could not be further from the album you’re about to hear, but it’s what is on my mind at the moment. I feel inspired by the synthesizer exhibition we just visited in Graz [Austria] after the gig we just did.”

The star admitted that he’d perhaps given too much away in his post.

“Of course, I’m not supposed to tell you about this dark vision of the future because I’m about to promote my peaceful coming to terms album,” Skinner noted.

“I’m told the peaceful one is quite good, although I’ve heard it so many times that it’s just noise to me now. But the really exciting thing for me is the dark Berlin-influenced electronic album that’ll come next.”

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