The Streets’ Mike Skinner: ‘Where’s my free cider?’

Plus rapper is fretting over new album tracklist

Mike Skinner has demanded free cider after a Streets song was used in a South African advert.

Writing on his blog, The Streets man explained he felt bad his song was being used in the commercial – because he hasn’t drunk it himself.

“I just got an email today telling me that my music is (still) being used by Hunters cider in South Africa. This reminded me that the last time they asked me I thought I asked for them to send me some product so I could test it out,” he explained.

“I could not imagine the grief that my music was being used to represent a beverage that I didn’t like the taste of. I’m hoping that one day I receive 10 palettes of silky sweet apple-based party lubricant that I can share with every person who enters my house for a year. Now that the Reebok trainers [Skinner endorsed the footwear range] have dried up, Example‘s got his Nando’s deal, I want my South African cider affiliation.”

Skinner added that he was currently trying to sequence his fourth album, and was heading to Los Angeles to finish things off.

“I’ve been listening to my album over and over and over trying to decide which song should go where,” he wrote. “There’s this really fast one. I mean really fast. I’m rapping at about 200 miles an hour, like a happy hardcore MC. You have to be there really, but sometimes I think it should go at the beginning like ‘BANG! Here I am – and I’m rapping at 200 miles an hour’, but then I feel like it needs to go slap bang in the middle with the other songs of a spiritual leaning.

“This is because even though I’m rapping at the speed of a happy hardcore MC, I’m also talking about something quite eco, green, right on, if you get me.

“Honestly you guys sometimes don’t realise what goes into this. I think you think it just ends up in your iPod by the magic of iTunes.”