Mike Skinner is worried he’ll get recognised in the – er – streets

The Streets to get even more famous with own TV series?

The StreetsMike Skinner launches a new TV programme tonight.

’Beat Stevie’ airs tonight (October 19) on Channel 4 (12.34am BST), and features footage shot by Skinner and his bandmates while on tour.

“So, ’Beat Stevie’ is off and running,” explained the rapper on his blog. “Had a really good meeting with the kind people down at Channel 4 and even though their beautiful lawyer seemed slightly concerned about Roland‘s colourful use of shock comedy and our tourbus-based hallucinogen consumption, they have given us the go ahead for a few late night showings.

“Me and [Ted] Mayhem are going to be stars. The world is our oyster. People will recognise me in the street. I’ll sign autographs and be attractive to the opposite sex.”

Along with the footage, Skinner also does a voice over “in a British Broadcasting Corporation style”.

“Make sure you check out our debut national Beat Stevie televisation whenever it’s on… Sky+ it hard!” he urged fans, before joking “and then when you see me in the street don’t bother me, I need my privacy. I’m an artist like Keira Knightley. I can’t do the celebrity thing.”