The Streets unhappy with own rapping

Mike Skinner doesn't like his vocals so don’t listen

Mike Skinner is so unhappy with a recent b-side he tried to recall the whole single.

The Streets man was so upset with the track ‘Dreams’ which appeared on ‘Pranging Out’ that he asked his manager to see if they could call back the whole record.

“I just listened back to my b-side on my last single and came to the conclusion that I wasn’t clear in my delivery of the words in the chorus,” Skinner wrote in his Skinnerblog. “So I phoned my manager and told him I wanted to recall all the singles, remove the download from iTunes and ask if all 38 million people with it in their Limewire directory could delete the file and await the new re-mastered version with clearer words.”


Naturally this proved somewhat impossible.

“To this (request) he just laughed which made me angry so I went to bed,” explained the rapper. “While I was asleep I dreamt that I met Carl Jung and he was giving me a classroom lesson about rapping – also in the room was Claire Rayner, Alan Titchmarsh and Wilma Flintstone who was chatting the ragga which really annoyed me.”

Despite the strange dream, Skinner declared this experience allowed him to solve his b-side problems.

“When I woke up, the answer was etched on my mind – write out the words to the chorus on my award winning blog so everyone can understand.”

So in case you’re wondering, the mumbled lyrics are: My dreams teach me which dreams I need seek/ Reveal the deceits I speak but keep believing/ But dreams, speak in speech meaning squeak to me/ Which is the reason I’m weak to see what I need/”.

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