The Streets speak after supporting Muse

Mike Skinner says 'I like a challenge'

The Streets have posted their thoughts on their recent support slot with Muse.

The band played the first of Muse‘s two-night stint at Wembley Stadium at the weekend (June 16).

Posting on Mike Skinner wrote: “Wembley Stadium was really good fun. I always like a challenge and trying to entertain a rock crowd with rap music is exactly that, but they were really up for it in the end. I didn’t get the tambourine out though.”

Skinner also revealed that he saw Daft Punk at the O2 Wirless gig.

“But oh my gosh! The Daft Punk show is unbelievable. Two robots playing BLAZING grooves from this huge pyramid made of TV screen,” he said. “Felix from Basement Jaxx introduced me to Thomas Bangalter after as well, which was the most starstruck moment of my life.”

Skinner added: “I was just standing there listening to what he was saying, enjoying the moment and then this girl started rattling on in my ear going on about The Streets blah blah and I’m thinking, ’I’m having the most starstruck moment of my life here and there’s this silly girl ruining it by getting starstruck at me…just shut up for one minute!’ Totally mindblowing show though. You have to go and see Daft Punk if you can.”