Mike Skinner offers a grand for free

The Streets star holds prize giveaway after striking lucky

The StreetsMike Skinner is offering his fans the chance to win a grand for free.

The star has decided to hold a prize giveaway after getting the winning hand at a casino where his record label The Beats held their Christmas bash last week.

Writing on his blog he said: “After a long day talking to The Mitchell Brothers about their new song (WHICH IS FUCKIN WICKED) it was The Beats‘ Christmas dinner and I decided to have it at the casino where I saw Bond. So Magic Mike was saying he would take it easy, but as each beer flowed he seemed to be taking on strange force-like powers. He had this thing that he called ‘the vibe’ and by the time he was hammered he was always right. And Jesus we won…!”


The rapper then explained his plans to give his winnings away:

“I walked away with 1,025 quid in cash, mainly in 50 pound notes (I woke up with 1,020 due to a certain lady taking 5 on the way out to work the next morning),” he explained. “But I’ve decided to give it away in a special Beats competition to someone who can use it to have a good Christmas.”

To win the cash Skinner is asking fans to send in emails telling him what The Mitchell Brothers‘ new song is about.

For more information go to his Myspace.com.

Skinner will announce the winner on December 18.