The Streets’ Mike Skinner to release memoir

'The Story Of The Streets' will be published on March 29

The Streets‘ Mike Skinner will be releasing his memoir, entitled The Story Of The Streets, on March 29.

The 352-page book will be published by Bantam Press and sees him collaborating with writer Ben Thompson, who has also worked on autobiographical books with Russell Brand, comedian Vic Reeves and actor Phil Daniels, reports The Guardian.

The book will feature previously unseen photos from Skinner’s youth. Writing on Twitter he said: “I wasnt going to have photos in my book coz i thought it was a bit silly but the wife said i had to… mum gave me a stack of photo album[s]. got a bit emotional. where i’m starting school and that”.

He then linked to a family photo of him as a boy and wrote below it: “my first day at school. and strong emotions for me because my little girl starts nursery this week. circle of life shit. lion king and that”.