The Streets snub Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’ approach

'Beat Stevie' merch will be 'reassuringly expensive…'

Mike Skinner has poked fun at Radiohead’s radical invitation for fans to decide how much they wish to pay for their new album.

The Streets star is currently planning to sell merchandise relating to his hit online videoblog ‘Beat Stevie’, which sees Skinner and his cohorts filming each other backstage at shows.

However, he insists that, unlike Radiohead and their flexible approach to the price of ‘In Rainbows’, he refuses to “go all 1968” when it comes to pricing up the items.

Writing on his blog, Skinner said: “We will soon be selling ‘Beat Stevie’ T-shirts! I haven’t gone all 1968 though, we won’t be asking for people to decide what price they’d like to pay. They will be reassuringly expensive.”