The Streets are working on two brand new albums

LP 1 is coming very soon...

The Streets are set to release two new albums, frontman Mike Skinner has revealed.

In a new interview, the musician said that the Birmingham band are working on their sixth studio LP, the follow-up to 2011’s ‘Computers and Blues‘. Skinner described that project as a “duets album” which will arrive “hopefully by the end of summer”.

In 2020, the group will then release the soundtrack to Skinner’s upcoming film. He said that he recorded those songs last year and cited the movie – which focuses on the life of a DJ – as inspiration to work on new material.


“One of the reasons that I started [making music] again is because I’ve written a film, which is about a DJ,” he told the Daily Star (via The List)

The Streets at Glastonbury 2019
The Streets at Glastonbury 2019. Credit: Jenna Foxton / NME

“And the album that I’ve written is kind of a musical; it’s part of the film.”

He added: “While that’s happening, I’m doing a mixtape, which is a collaborations album – and that will be out hopefully at the end of the summer.”

Elaborating on the latter, he described the release as “kind of like a Streets duet album”.


Despite a lengthy gap since their last record, The Streets returned with the single ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ ahead of their reunion tour last year. Following the first run of dates, Skinner and co. headed out on the road once again in early 2019.

The Streets recently performed at Glastonbury 2019, as they continue to hit this summer’s festival circuit. During their John Peel Stage gig, Skinner delivered a brilliant tribute to the doctor who fixed his dislocated shoulder.

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