The Strokes: ‘We’re back in the recording studio already’

Nikolai Fraiture adds that band relations are good

The Strokes have revealed they are already back in studio and are recording the follow up to fourth album, ‘Angles’, which was released earlier this year.

Speaking exclusively to NME in a video which you can see at the top of your screen, bassist Nikolai Fraiture said that the band had already done “a little bit” of recording.

He said: “We already went back [in the studio] a little bit. Every time we have a couple of weeks off we like to go back into the studio to see how things progress and not leave them [too long].”

The bassist added: “I don’t think it’s ‘urgent’ in the way that we feel pushed. It’s ‘urgent’ in the way we want to work on music and keep the up momentum that we’ve managed to build up to now.”

Fraiture added that band relations were good, saying: “Right now everyone’s getting along, we’re all travelling together, it’s a good vibe.”

Earlier this year the bassist tweeted that the band were back in the studio working on “some new ideas”.