The Strokes name the worst venue they’ve ever played

Nikolai Fraiture names a New York dive as worth place they've gigged

The StrokesNikolai Fraiture has revealed the worst venue the band has played.

Speaking exclusively to NME at Benicassim festival in Spain last weekend, the bassist said that a New York venue was the worst place the band ever took to the stage.

Asked what the crappiest venue he played at was, Fraiture said: “Spiral in New York City.”

He added: “It was one of our first shows. There were about five people there. I don’t even know if they had much of a PA, it was a crap place.”

The bassist also revealed that he’d stolen a number of things from a service station. He said: “I don’t want to get arrested, just random silly things. It runs the gamut of things that are useful to a spark plug for your car.”

The Strokes played the headline slot at Benicassim last Friday (July 15). The band rubbished rumours of tensions within the band by indulging in a group hug, before heading out to the stage with a rendition of early favourite ‘New York City Cops’. They played tracks spanning their entire career, including six from new LP ‘Angles’.