Watch The Strokes’ ’80s-style lyric video for ‘Drag Queen’

It's one of three new songs that appear on the band's 'Future Present Past' EP

The Strokes have released an ’80s-inspired lyric video for their single ‘Drag Queen’. Scroll down to watch.

‘Drag Queen’ is one of three new songs that appear on the band’s new EP ‘Future Present Past’. The band gave all three songs a live airing at a gig at Capital Theatre in New York City earlier this week.

Frontman Julian Casablancas recently said a full album would be recorded “if the collective will could be summoned and caroused”.

‘Drag Queen’ and the band’s other new songs ‘Oblivius’ and ‘Threat Of Joy’ are joined on the EP by a remix of ‘Oblivius’ by drummer Fab Moretti. Following the unveiling of the EP, fans and NME readers gave their verdict online. “The musical experience I had today was amazing I remember why I love the strokes so much,” tweeted one user, while another wrote: “The Strokes are back, everything is right.”

Some fans weren’t as excited, however. One wrote “So you think that new strokes track is going to sound alright at the beginning and then Julian opens his mouth” and another tweeted: “I really like the synths/beat/layers in Drag Queen. The other 2 are classic The Strokes – for that reason don’t impress much.”