Nick Valensi: ‘There’s still hostility and resentment in The Strokes’

Guitarist speaks of trying to 'get my band back on track'

The Strokes‘ guitarist Nick Valensi has said there are still “undertones of hostility and resentment” in the band.

The five-piece are gearing up to release their first album in five years, ‘Angles’, on March 21, and Valensi has described the band’s struggle to get the record completed.

“It took time,” he told MySpace Music. “Maybe everyone needed money or something. ‘We gotta pay our mortgage so may as well get this going again.'”


He added: “The mood was and continues to be light and fun and playful, with mild undertones of hostility and resentment, which is just the way of this band. When we hang out and when we work on stuff, it’s great but I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t elements of hostility there. Undertones of hostility and resentment.”

Over the past year the band have not hidden the fact that recording sessions have not been plain sailing. Last year, frontman Julian Casablancas revealed that he had recorded vocals for the album alone after the rest of the band had recorded their parts.

Valensi went on to say that he thinks the long gap between ‘Angles’ and 2006’s ‘First Impressions Of Earth’ will have an impact on how fans receive the new record.

“You take that much time off [and] no matter what you do it’s not going to be as good as people want it to be,” he said. “I feel like no matter what the record is, or how hard we worked on it, or how much we like it, it’s not going to live up to people’s expectations only because of those five years between the last one and this one.

“If we had just released this a year or two after the last one, I imagine it would have gone better.”

‘Angles’ contains ten new songs and was produced by the band, aside from one song, ‘Life Is Simple’, which was recorded during earlier sessions with producer Joe Chiccarelli.