Strokes’ Julian Casablancas ‘psyched’ to top NME Albums Of The Decade list

Singer reacts to topping NME poll

The StrokesJulian Casablancas has said he is “psyched” that his band’s 2001 debut album ‘It This It’ was voted top of NME’s albums of the decade poll.

The frontman told NME.COM that he was giving himself a “mental high-five” over the result.

“It’s totally crazy!” he said. “Does it mean it’s a good musical decade or a bad musical decade? I’m such a bad judge of my own stuff. But I thought it was great when I heard. I’m pretty damn psyched with myself – mental high-five!”

Recalling the recording of the album, he said: “I know it took about 30 days. We wanted it to sound like we just walked into a room, recorded it and didn’t care, but there was always work behind it.

“We played shows a few months before recording and we played that exact setlist. We knew what worked, what was cool.”

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