The Strokes reveal ‘Angles’ follow-up album plan

Julian Casablancas says the band have already started on 'Strokes No 5'

The Strokes have already started work on songs for the follow-up to new album ‘Angles’.

Frontman Julian Casablancas said that the New Yorkers had been due to knuckle down on the new material already, but sessions were delayed due to the mixing process of their fourth album.

“I think we’re going to start working on stuff as soon as possible,” he told Shortlist. “We were supposed to already, but it took longer than expected to master the album. I didn’t want to work on ‘Strokes No 5’ until ‘Strokes No 4’ was done.”

Guitarist Nick Valensi added: “There’s material in the works. We have a lot of music stockpiled so, in terms of content, we’re in a good place right now. If I had it my way, we’d have another album out by the end of this year.”

Bassist Nikolai Fraiture, meanwhile, said: “I don’t ever want to stop making new albums. If we take another break, and I really hope we don’t, it won’t be something in my control.”

‘Angles’ was recently made available to hear in full online. It’s officially released on Monday (March 21).

See the new issue of Shortlist for the full interview.