The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas lists ‘Angles’ songwriting influences

Frontman opens up about the band's new album

The StrokesJulian Casablancas has spoken to NME about the influences which inspired the band’s new album ‘Angles’.

In an interview you can read in full in this week’s magazine, on UK newsstands or available digitally now (March 4), the frontman namechecked R.E.M and Boston as songwriting influences. He also admitted that Clarence Clemons‘ 1985 duet with Jackson Browne, ‘You’re A Friend Of Mine’, was an inspiration for comeback single ‘Under Cover Of Darkness’. Watch a clip of ‘You’re A Friend Of Mine’ by scrolling down now.

Speaking about ‘Under Cover Of Darkness’, Casablancas said: “I guess it’s about someone who works in the military and has a girlfriend. It’s cheesy, I guess, but it’s about having to leave a loved one behind. I weirdly like the bridge and the chorus of that Clarence Clemons song.”


He added that the Clemons track “was the vibe we were going for” before sheepishly admitting, “I shouldn’t confess to these things!”

‘Angles’ is released on March 21. The Strokes have recently been posting studio videos from the album’s recording sessions online.

Read the full interview with Casablancas in this week’s NME, on UK newsstands or available digitally now (March 4).

Watch Clarence Clemons and Jackson Browne‘s ‘You’re A Friend Of Mine’ below:

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