Julian Casablancas: ‘The Strokes’ hearts weren’t into new material’ – video

Frontman reveals how fruitless band sessions inspired solo album

The StrokesJulian Casablancas has explained how fruitless rehearsal sessions with the band inspired him to do his own thing and record his solo album.

Although he recently explained that sessions were on track for the group’s fourth album, Casablancas, speaking in an NME.COM video interview (watch it by clicking on the right), said that he initially found recent rehearsal sessions frustrating.

“We were rehearsing for Strokes stuff and I just felt like peoples heads were maybe not totally in it, or hearts,” he said. “I felt, OK, as I was working on songs, I had different ideas of what was going where.”

He added: “The good thing about The Strokes has always been… the best asset was the pickiness, which is good, but it comes to a point where so much resistance can be annoying.”

He went on to say that he was pleases with how the press had reacted to his decision to release a solo album, last year’s ‘Phrazes For The Young’. “All the press with The Strokes kind of annoyed me,” he said. “This seems pretty cool to me [now with the solo album].”