Julian Casablancas: ‘The Strokes are working night and day on new album!’

Frontman reveals band are more of a 'team' than they’ve ever been

The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas has said the band are working “night and day” on new material for their fourth album.

Despite being busy promoting his recent solo album ‘Phrazes For The Young’, Casablancas said he’s now thinking about The Strokes‘ follow up to 2006 album ‘First Impressions Of Earth’. He told NYmag.com that the atmosphere in the band is “different than before”, with all five members coming together as a group.

“It’s night and day now,” he said. “Everyone is working as a group, ‘Let’s do it! Go team!’. Which is amazing. Which is what I wanted since day one. But that’s only happening now. Literally now.”

Casablancas, who recently moved back to New York from Los Angeles, added that before now part of the problem with The Strokes was to do with individual members’ workloads.

“We split the money six ways,” he explained (with manager Ryan Gentles being the sixth recipient), “but we didn’t split the work.”

However, Casablancas insisted that band relations are good at present, saying: “If I make it superclear why I was unhappy in the past, it might just rehash things that should have been left alone. I think we’re fulfilling the promise of what we said we were: actually being a unit that really works on everything.”

The Strokes are due to headline the Isle Of Wight festival on June 12, as well as RockNess in Scotland the same weekend.