The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas reveals deluxe edition solo album details

£55 box set to be released in December

The StrokesJulian Casablancas has revealed details of a deluxe box-set edition of his debut album.

‘Phrazes For The Young’, which gets its standard release on November 2, will also be released as a special edition box set on December 18 at the price of £55.

Containing the album on CD, 180-gram vinyl and a 48-page book autographed by the singer, the package also includes other extras such as a CD of demos and B-sides, a DVD of solo acoustic performances, plus much more all contained in an antique-styled box.

Meanwhile, fans of The Strokes can seemingly expect to be in for a wait on their next album with Casablancas revealing that the band are still some way off recording a follow up to 2006’s ‘First Impressions Of Earth’.