The Strokes writing ‘Thin Lizzy and Elvis Costello-inspired’ album

They've written three new songs for the follow up to 'First Impressions Of Earth'

The Strokes have given fans an update on the recording of their forth album.

Frontman Julian Casablancas said the band have written three new songs so far, while manager Ryan Gentles gave a more detailed breakdown of the new sessions in an email update to fans.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Casablancas said rehearsals for the album have been successful so far.

“We have three songs,” he said. “Some of the new stuff has a ’70s vibe, like Thin Lizzy or Elvis Costello. But then some of it is bizarre music from the future that we’re trying to tone down to sound catchy. So we’re trapped between the future and the ’70s.”

Casablancas added that the band are now finding they are more comfortable with confronting each other in the studio over how their new music should be played.

He said: “We didn’t used to be honest – there would always be mini feuds over stupid shit. Now, if Nick [Valensi] and Fab [Moretti] or anyone are saying they like it fast or slow, we’ll talk about it, as opposed to saying, ‘Well, I never liked you sister’.”

Writing to fans on a mailout, their manager Gentles explained that “after a long and much needed hibernation period”, the band are now hard at work on their new album in their New York rehearsal space.

“No recording studio time has been booked yet, as they sketch out the blueprints of new songs and fine-tune plans in their rehearsal space, but it will undoubtedly be all mapped out and etched in stone at some point in the not-too-distant future,” he wrote.

Gentles added that fans should not expect to hearing new material in 2009, as the album is still some way from being completed.

“I wish I could tell you that this definitely meant we can expect an album release date before the end of 2009, but it’s just too soon to speculate on that for sure yet,” he wrote. “One way or another…suffice to say, the work has begun!”