Albert Hammond Jr: ‘I’m excited about next Strokes album’

Guitarist says his solo work is not to blame for lack of band activity

The StrokesAlbert Hammond Jr has said that he is “excited” about the prospect about his band’s next album, and that the band had been talking to each other and plan to meet up.

The guitarist said that his solo work was not to blame for the New York outfit’s current inactivity, and that the perception that it was frustrated him.

The Strokes‘ last album, ‘First Impressions Of Earth’, was released in early 2006.

“I’d be very excited to see how things go,” he told the Independent. “We’re all in different places right now. So it would be exciting to see where we take the next album to.”

He added: “We’ve spoken and now we’re going to meet at some point. It’s not my choice. Everyone think it’s not me getting back because I’m making records, but it’s not.”