The Strokes’ verdict on solo Albert Hammond Jr

“I don’t know how he does it” says Julian Casablancas

The Strokes singer Julian Casablancas has given his verdict on Albert Hammond Jr’s solo album ’Yours To Keep’.

Hammond Jr, who releases new single ’101’ on November 27, worked on his solo album between tours with his regular band.

Speaking to baseball fansite Yankees2000 Casablancas said: “It’s great. He’s my bro and I’m rooting for him. I like the album a lot, I think it’s cool. When you’re in a band it’s kind of hard to bring stuff that five people agree on, but it’s cool because he wanted to do this, he wanted to do his own thing.

“I’ll tell you though, I don’t know how he does it, going straight from our tour to his tour, I think he’s gonna crash after this.”

Casablancas also discussed the possibility of a new Strokes album.

“Well, we just finished touring and I’m still kind of couch-ridden at this point,” he said. “I was just a week ago feeling like I was back and that I could get to work, but then I went to LA because I promised some friends I would help with their record, so I’m a little tired.

“Anyway, we haven’t talked about anything specifically. We talk casually but there are no plans at the moment.”