They hit the road in the autumn...

THE STROKES are to resume touring in October, NME.COM can reveal.

The band will road-test songs from their third album, due next year, on a series of dates across South America.

A statement reads: “The Strokes are back! The band will return to the stage this October for the first time in a year to tour South America. All we can say for now is that they will be playing Brazil, Argentina and Chile. More info and will be posted here as soon as we get it including tour dates and ticket information.”


The group have spent most of this year working on third record. The band recently invited NME.COM into the heart of their recording process, playing 14 unmixed tracks, some of them so new the band haven’t even had time to name them yet.

All are being considered for the band’s next album, the follow-up to 2003’s ‘Room On Fire’, due early next year.

The songs see the band moving into more experimental areas, something drummer Fab Moretti believes is down to the relaxed atmosphere created by building their own studio into their Midtown Manhattan Music Building rehearsal space.

He revealed: “To get where we are right now we couldn’t have the pressure of hearing the fucking change fall in the bucket every time seconds passed (in the studio). So instead of using the money they (the label) were going to give us to make the third record at a studio, we just bought our equipment and now we have it permanently and we don’t feel that guillotine falling. It really helps us to explore.”

Album three marks a distinct shift from the serious and sometimes anxious attitude that has previously surrounded The Strokes camp, and credit has been given to new producer David Kahne who brought a different side out of the band.

Introduced to The Strokes by Sean Lennon, Fab was quick to praise Kahne’s influence.


“Kahne really showed his guns and shit,” declared Fab of the producer who amicably replaced their long time collaborator Gordon Raphael in the control booth. “We always set out to do something different. Maybe we didn’t have the tools to do it on the second record like we do now with David Kahne and our new studio, you know?”

Admitting the band felt rushed on ‘Room On Fire’, Fab insisted the band are set to return with a renewed confidence.

“I feel like this was the perfect amount of time and it’s gonna be the perfect set up for the record,” he said, “because we’ll be able to go to all the places we want to go and not feel like we don’t have the best possible record we could have on our hands.”

The album is now being mixed at Soundtrack Studios, and the first single is due in the autumn.