Strokes fans camp out for London gig tickets

A bitterly cold night can't keep fans from waiting outside the venue

Fans of The Strokes have waited throughout the night to get tickets to tomorrow night’s club show in London.

The group are set to play a tiny gig at ULU on Tuesday (November 29), tickets for which went on sale from the venue’s box office at 9am today. Fans started waiting on Sunday night, and by the time tickets went on sale there were “hundreds” in the queue.

One eyewitness told NME.COM: “It was a great atmosphere. Those at the front had been here from 7pm last night, even though it was bitterly cold there was a great atmosphere and the only way to get through the cold and long wait was to turn it into a party. By 7am this morning there were at least 800 people in the queue and by 9am more than a thousand.

“The queue divided into two halves; those that had been there all night and those that turned up from 6-7am this morning. Most of the all-nighters had turned it into a festival and spirits were really high. They had obviously made a bit of a party of it, with empty discarded JD bottles, beer cans and pizza boxes. All this of course was fuelled by the anticipation of the gig itself.”

A second intimate show at a secret location is planned for Friday (December 2) and will be broadcast on MTV.

The band’s single ‘Juicebox’ is released on December 5, meanwhile a full UK tour is planned for early next year. See next week’s NME out nationwide on November 30 for details.