The Strokes celebrate five years since debut

Help us mark the release of 'Is This It' with a special issue

It’s been five years since The Strokes released album debut ’Is This It’ – and NME wants to hear from you for a forthcoming special issue.

The album helped revitalise indie, changed fashion and has been hailed by a raft of musicians as an important influence, but we want to hear what it meant to you.

Did the record change the way you dressed and cut your hair? Did it make you buy the complete Velvet Underground collection? Did it make you want to up sticks and move to New York?

NME want to know your favourite tracks from the album, plus we want to hear all your memories from the time of its’ release and the band’s first tours.

Email your stories to with the word Strokes as the subject along with your name, age, phone number and a photo, and you could feature in an upcoming issue of NME.