The band tell NME.COM they're gonna be shaking things up...

THE STROKES have started recording their third album in their recently converted NEW YORK rehearsal studio.

The band are working again with producer Gordon Raphael for the follow-up to 2003’s ‘Room On Fire’, but are approaching the process in a different way than they’ve ever done before.

“We’re gonna make sure we do it right this time and not feel so rushed,” singer Julian Casablancas revealed to NME. “I don’t want it to sound like the first two records. I want it to feel different and new, so we’re gonna have to sit down and think about it, work on a bunch of different things. We’re gonna take our time to find sounds rather than just plugging in our guitars and saying ‘That sounds cool’. We’ll check out the options a bit more.”

According to a source close the band, The Strokes have between four and seven songs ready to record.

Casablancas explained how they will be more precise with their new material and take more time crafting the songs, saying; “The last single, ‘The End Has No End’, we took our time with it more, the drum sounds, we honed in on it. That was the only song we did like that and I think that song sounds like it’s technically on a higher level.”

The singer did hint that the new album could released as soon as summer next year: “I sure hope (it doesn’t take five years). I don’t know how fast we’re gonna do it. It could be three months, it could be six months, I’m not sure.”