The Strokes provoke mass sex frenzy throughout New York

And it's all happening this weekend

The Strokes will trigger off frenzied sex sessions through the power of their music in their controversial new video.

And the band have promised that the clip for ‘Juicebox’ will be X-rated.

Julian Casablancas was cagey on the subject, telling MTV News: “We’re doing a live performance at a radio station, which will be broadcast all across New York. There might be full-frontal nudity. MTV will not play this video because it’s so controversial, but it will be groundbreaking.”

The casting sheet apparently calls for “people of all genders, ages, ethnicities and sexual preferences who are ‘comfortable’ with exhibitionistic displays of love, tenderness and affection”.

It is understood that video, being shot in Manhattan this weekend with director Michael Palmieri, sees The Strokes play ‘Juicebox’ live in a radio studio which, when broadcast across New York, brings the city out in a rutting frenzy.

The planned video displays the same spirit of adventure that informs new album ‘First Impressions Of Earth’, out in the UK on January 9.

Casablancas explained: “We wanted to make a collective effort to try to make (the album) different and better – bigger and better. We wanted to protect our ideals – what we consider to be good taste – and we needed someone to help us take it to the next level, without us having to compromise anything. We wanted to evolve and progress and build on what we started, and this album is what we thought was a natural progression.”

‘Juicebox’ is already available on iTunes. The single is released on December 5.