The Strokes’ Albert Hammond Jr. lashes out at pickpocket – watch’

The Strokes man posted angry footage as three men tried to swipe his wife's wallet

Footage has emerged of The Strokes Albert Hammond Jr. reacting furiously to pickpockets, getting in a physical altercation after his wife was targetted.

The footage shows one of the pickpockets being held by the throat, after the attempted theft quickly descended into a fracas. It’s not clear when or where the incident took place.

Hammond Jr. has confirmed and explained the footage on his Twitter account, saying “These guys tried to steal Justyna [Hammond Jr.’s wife]’s wallet and green card and when I noticed… let’s just say I got everything back.”


Watch the incident unfold in what appears to be the lobby of a building, and filmed by security camera, via YouTube, below:

Meanwhile, The Strokes have returned to the studio this week, with their rehearsals for a festival gig in Monterrey, Mexico, accompanied by drum recordings, according to the studio CEO.

Hammond Jr. had sparked speculation about the future of the band back in June, after appearing to hint that a London show might be their last.

He said: “I don’t even know if we’re going to play any more shows. I don’t know if London might be our last show, you know what I mean? People think I’m lying but I’m just tired of trying to make some positive spin, but I’ve got no idea. So I take each one like it’s my last and I hold and I cherish it.”

He later said his remarks had been taken out of context, as well as denying any weirdness implied by his moving his solo work away from Julian Casablancas’ record label.


The Strokes last album was March 2013 release ‘Comedown Machine’.


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