Exclusive – The Strokes’ new single leaks

'Juice Box' hits the internet months before release

The Strokes‘ long-awaited comeback single ‘Juice Box’ has leaked online.

The track, the first to be lifted from their third album ‘First Impressions Of Earth’, isn’t officially due for release until early next year.

However, fans are swapping MP3 files of the guitar-heavy track online.


The single shows a change in direction for the band, with Julian Casablancas singing “Why won’t you come over here / we’ve got a city to love” during the chorus.

Speaking recently to NME, Julian explained the meaning of the track. He said: “The single could be about a proper relationship, a casual friendship or whatever you want really. It’s one of the more fun songs. The title just sounded like a cool word. It was originally called ‘Dracula’s Lunch’ but in the end I just liked the sound of ‘Juice Box’.”

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