Have a look at Colin Lane's many snaps of the band...

An exhibition of previously unseen pictures of THE STROKES is available online.

The exhibition is of pictures from Colin Lane, who has been published in NME and is the closest thing the band have to an ‘official’ photographer.

Speaking about how he got introduced to the band, Lane said: “It’s weird because I’m a music fanatic, but I never set out to become a music photographer.

“Anyway, I started doing these music portraits and then all of a sudden I was just in the right place at the right time. I got a call from The Face in Jan 2001, It was my first commission from them, and they asked could you shoot this band called The Strokes and I didn’t really know who they were, I’d never heard of them, they weren’t signed, they’d just had that three-song EP, ’The Modern Age’.

“They came over and we just clicked and I gave them some beers and we were just in my apartment so we decided to shoot a few portraits here which turned out to be the ones that appear on the inside of the CD package (for the band’s 2001 debut LP ‘Is This It’).

“They signed with RCA and they just sort of pegged me to be the photographer for their press shoot. Then I got the album cover, which was amazing because the arse picture I’d shot about two years before I met them.”

Lane has since photographed the band on numerous occasions. To see some of the shots, [url=]click here.