The Strokes are back

NYC’s finest give third album a title – and UK shows are planned too

The Strokes have given their third album the working title ‘First Impressions Of Earth’ – and are planning UK dates for February.

NME.COM can reveal that the band have now almost completed their third album, which is due for release at the start of next year.

The first single from the album, ‘Juice Box’, is tentatively scheduled for release in November.

Speaking to NME.COM in New York, singer Julian Casablancas said: “The album’s kind of about how someone from outer space would objectively view things happening on earth.”

The single, ‘Juice Box’, has a menacing bassline running through it, giving it an air of suspense like a classic detective TV show theme tune. Julian starts off with an almost spoken word verse, while huge, metal-sized riffs explode around him. Then his singing turns into a primal roar for a chorus with the lyrics “Why won’t you come over here/we’ve got a city to love”.

Explaining the meaning behind the track, Julian continued: “The single could be about a proper relationship, a casual friendship or whatever you want really. It’s one of the more fun songs. The title just sounded like a cool word. It was originally called ‘Dracula’s Lunch’, but I liked the sound of ‘Juice Box’.”

Once the album is completed, The Strokes will go out on their first tour in a year. Dates have already been announced for October in South America, with the band planning to visit Brazil, Chile and Argentina.

NME.COM can reveal that the band want to come back to the UK.

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