The boys end their US tour in style and throw in a cover version for good measure...

THE STROKES wrapped up their huge tour last night (May 19) with a homecoming in NEW YORK’s CENTRAL PARK.

The band appeared very loose over the course of the 75-minute set, treating this gig, deservedly, as a victory lap of sorts after a long tour. The Strokes’ upbeat songs complemented the outdoor venue to create a perfect vibe for a show. The 18-song set spanned both albums and included a cover of [/a]’ ‘A Salty Salute’.

“You have no idea how good it is to be back home,” singer Julian Casablancas said to thunderous crowd applause, later noting “It’s like the last day of school for us.”

While this was their last stop on their tour, the concert kicked off SummerStage, a series of summer concerts held in Central Park featuring, among others, the [a].

The band played:

‘I Can’t Win’

‘The End Has No End’

‘Automatic Stop’

‘New York City Cops’

‘What Ever Happened?’

‘Trying Your Luck’



‘The Way It Is’


‘Under Control’

‘Alone, Together’

‘A Salty Salute’

‘Hard to Explain’

‘The Modern Age’


‘Is This It’

‘Take it or Leave It’

The band plan to come to the UK in the summer for various festival appearances.

In related news, it’s been reported that Casablancas has got engaged to his manager’s assistant, who is called Juliette Joslin.