See what the band saw at this year’s summer festivals…

THE STROKES have posted a video of their performance at T IN THE PARK online.

The clip, which is currently available on their official website, shows a band’s eye view of their opening song ‘Reptilia’.

The gig was their first UK show of the year, and served as a teaser for August’s appearances at the V Festival.

To see the clip, [url=]click here.

The Strokes are back in the US and have been working on songs for their third album.

Speaking to NME.COM the group have said they feel like they are “starting from scratch” as they begin work on their third album.

Albert Hammond Jr said: “Everything feels new to me. In the new studio, it doesn’t feel like we’re making our third album, it feels like we’re starting from scratch.”

Singer Julian Casablancas added: “We’ve built a studio and started work on the new album. If it was done in a week it’d be good for me. The sooner the better! We haven’t set ourselves any deadline. It’s too early to even talk about titles. We’ve just recorded three demos.”