‘Juicebox’ director rails against video cuts

He posts uncensored version of video on website

The director of The Strokes video for ‘Juicebox’ has said the promo currently being shown is a “severly censored” version.

Posting on his official site the director –

Michael Palmieri – has railed agaist the edited clip.

He said: “What MTV eventually forced me to take out caused the video’s narrative to fall apart. It got so bad in fact that I took my name off the video.”

He added: “The censorship on this video has so many levels it’s staggering…it began before we even started filming it, fuelled by a statement made by Julian (Casablancas) in all good humour about the possibility of ‘full frontal nudity’ being in their next video and that ‘MTV will never air it’. That comment created a buzz storm on the internet and started the narrowing-down process of what the video was going to be allowed to be in everyone’s heads.”

You can see the censored director’s cut by following this link.