Live radio session numbers join 'When It Started' as the bonus tracks on 'Last Nite'...

THE STROKES are to release a number of live radio session tracks and a brand new song as bonus tracks on their next single, ‘LAST NITE’.

The single is due for release in the UK in early November, with ‘When It Started’ as the key bonus track. This song was recorded recently in the US, and will also replace ‘New York City Cops’ on American copies of debut album, ‘Is This It’.

Other B-sides for ‘Last Nite’ will include live radio station recordings from Los Angeles’ KCRW. The single will also be released across Europe and in Australia – where the band’s debut album has already gone gold.


A video for ‘Last Nite’ is being shot in New York this week. The band have insisted on a live video – because they refuse to lip-synch.

Meanwhile, the first US pressings of ‘Is This It’ are set to become collectors’ items. Only 5,000 vinyl LPs were issued with ‘New York City Cops’ included. The song was dropped in the light of the World Trade Center terrorist attack. A band spokesman said: “We were going to debut ‘When it Started’ at our Irving Plaza show in New York, which was cancelled due to the recent tragedy here. After living through that and watching the valiant responses to it, we felt that we should replace ‘New York City Cops’ with ‘When It Started’ for the American release of ‘Is This It’.

He went on: “We wish, like everybody else, that the situation causing us to make this decision had never arisen in the first place. Since it did, we felt that we could take something that could be misunderstood as a negative message and turn it into something positive with a new song.

“We stand by the song ‘New York City Cops’, but the timing is inappropriate for America and we feel it would be insensitive not to consider that. Our hearts and support are with the people who served this city through this horrific event, and we hope our fans will understand the decision and support us as well.”

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