The Strokes’ Nikolai Fraiture says new band Summer Moon started because he finds solo work lonely

Bass player lines up alongside members of Au Revoir Simone and The Like in new act

The Strokes’ bassist Nikolai Fraiture has said that his new band Summer Moon started when he decided being a solo artist was too lonely.

The band sees Fraiture line up alongside Au Revoir Simone‘s Erika Spring, The Like‘s Tennessee Thomas and guitarist Lewis Lazar. Fraiture plays bass in The Strokes and released solo album ‘The Time Of The Assassins’ under the name Nickel Eye in 2009.

Speaking in a new interview with Noisey, Fraiture discussed the origins of Summer Moon’s music and why he decided to team up with his friends in order to make music.

“I had some songs that were going to be the second solo album for Nickel Eye, but then I kind of got lonely and decided to play with some other people,” he said.

“The most important thing to do for me was to do something different and not the typical band setting,” he added. “Even having two girls and two guys, it’s an interesting dynamic. We have good chemistry, which I believe is super important, you know, almost 70 per cent of the band’s identity falls on that. It’s eclectic, diverse, and really fun.”

The bass player and frontman also revealed that Summer Moon will record an album in the near future. “We’re working towards releasing a full-length album and eventually touring it and continuing the momentum that’s been built up until now. The chemistry within the band is something we all enjoy, we’re looking forward to whatever comes beyond.”

Summer Moon made their live debut in December 2014 and have revealed the songs ‘With You Tonight’ and ‘Happenin’ (Blue Room Mix)’.

The Strokes released their last album ‘Comedown Machine’ in 2013, with frontman Julian Casablancas recently revealing that the band are working on new music.