The New Yorkers appeal is not just restricted to music - you think they're sexy too....

Strokes defined 2001, according to the readers of NME.COM.

NME.COM conducted a poll of its readers over the festive period to discover which bands and artists you will come to remember most fondly from last year.

As well as comprehensively winning the category of the ‘Band Who Defined 2001’, Strokes album ‘Is This It’ was your ‘Most Listened To Album’ and their ‘The Modern Age EP’ was your ‘Most Listened To Single’.

The New York group’s popularity was not solely restricted to music, with vocalist Julian Casablancas being nominated the sexiest male in music today. Kylie Minogue was voted sexiest female in music today.

The results of the NME.COM readers poll run: Band That Defined 2001 – The Strokes

Most Listened To Album – The Strokes – ‘Is This It’

Most Listened To Single – The Strokes – ‘The Modern Age EP’

Hearthrob – Julian Casablancas (male), Kylie Minogue (female)

Disappointment Of 2001 – No Glastonbury

Best New Band – The Strokes

Lasting Memory – September 11 terrorist attacks

However, not all readers of NME.COM seem to have their finger on the pulse compared to their peers. One misguided reader considers ageing magician Paul Daniels to be their ‘Hearthrob’, while another thinks the most memorable event of 2001 was seeing Feeder perform live. Twice.