The Blur singer was in the studio during sessions for 'Room On Fire', but his singing didn't make the final cut...

THE STROKES‘ producer GORDON RAPHAEL has claimed BLUR‘s DAMON ALBARN nearly ended up on the band’s new album ‘ROOM ON FIRE’ after spending a couple of hours trying out backing vocals with JULIAN CASABLANCAS.

Raphael explained that during the recording process of the record – released on October 20 – Albarn arrived in the studio to try and lend his voice to the tracks.

The Strokes went to a rock n’ roll concert while we were making the album and they brought back the lead singer of the band they went to see,” he said. “A man called Damon Albarn from Blur.”

Speaking on Xfm, Raphael added that as Albarn and The Strokes were listening to the unfinished album, the Blur singer pointed out that the band rarely use backing vocals, suggesting that he have a go.

Raphael said that Albarn was aiming for something: “Like The Beatles with all those harmonies.”

He added: “We let him go out and try for a couple of hours… singing backing vocals. Julian’s taking it really seriously, seeing if he can craft what Damon’s doing into something that would make it on the record.

“But in the end Damon said: “Well I guess the songs are just perfect the way they are”. And so no backing vocals were used.”