Stricken frontman Julian Casablancas performs seated as band's co-headline shows with The White Stripes kick off...

THE STROKES and White Stripes played the first of their long-awaited joint head-lining shows in DETROIT last night (August 8) during a performance that saw THE STROKES debut a brand new track and have frontman JULIAN CASABLANCAS perform seated.

The show, at the Clutch Cargo in Pontiac, was The Strokes‘ first since they cancelled five shows supporting Weezer in July following Casablancas’ knee injury.

The frontman arrived onstage on crutches before taking a chair for the show. Speaking to the crowd he apologised saying he “fucked up his leg” and

adding it was “better than cancelling”. He sat for the entire show,

except once when he got up to slap bassist Nikolai for “fucking up”. He also

cried out “My leg hurts, my leg hurts!” over the intro to ‘Last Nite’.

The new song is called ‘You Talk Way Too Much’. It’s a very uptempo number reminiscent of ‘Barely Legal’ with chorus that repeats “You talk way too much/you talk way too much”.

The set was 15 songs long and ran just under an hour.

Delighted fan Joel Fragomeni said: “It was a great show. [/a] were very well received as well, but I was too spent from The Strokes to get too much into it. As a big Strokes guy, I’d say they were better than the [a], but a [a][/a] fan would say the opposite. Julian’s injury was a bummer, but the new stuff was great. Definitely my gig of 2002.

“If you’re seeing the NYC shows or the UK festivals, you’re in for a treat!”

The two bands play Chene Park in Detroit tonight (August 9) before moving to New York for shows at Irving Plaza (August 14) and Radio City Music Hall (15).

The Strokes‘ setlist ran:


‘NYC Cops’

‘You Talk Way Too Much’


‘The Modern Age’

‘ Meet Me In The Bathroom’

‘Take It or Leave It’

‘ Is This It’

‘Hard To Explain’

‘Alone, Together’

‘ Ze Newie’

‘Barely Legal’

‘Last Nite’

‘Trying Your Luck’

‘The Way It Is’