'Room On Fire' will be played at 4pm every day in HMV stores nationwide...

The hugely anticipated second album by THE STROKES will be played daily at 4pm in HMV stores nationwide during the week leading up to the release of ‘ROOM ON FIRE’ on October 20.

’12:51′, the first single to be taken from the album, was released on Monday (October 6) and is currently available on CD and 7″ including a demo version of new track ‘The Way It Is’.

There’s also an alternative video for ’12:51′ featuring backstage and rehearsal footage of the band – and you can see it now on NME.COM.

A far cry from the official ‘Tron’-esque video, the footage shows Julian and co. relaxing, jamming and recording ‘Room of Fire’ with producer Gordon Raphael.

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In related news, ’Room On Fire’ will also get a pre-release playback at the London Social on Monday (October 13),a week before it comes out in the UK.

The album will be played at 6.30pm, then again at 7.30 p.m. Space is limited so please e-mail nicky@thesocial.com if you want to go.