'Someday' has topped the NME RADIO charts for the last two weeks - but readers still agree with the band's choice...

NME.COM’s call for fans to have their say on THE STROKES next single has met with unprecedented response, with the majority firmly backing the band’s decision to release ‘LAST NITE’.

Despite the fact that ‘Someday’ has topped the NME RADIO listeners chart for the last two weeks, the decision to release ‘Last Nite’, a live favourite that originally appeared on the ‘The Modern Age EP’ during this spring, has met with almost unanimous praise.

“‘Last Nite’ is a better song, probably the best on the album,” said James Heal.


‘Last Nite’ is the best song on the album!” said Andy from Liverpool. “If it was the lead track last time instead of the not-so-instantly pleasing ‘Hard To Explain’ then that may have gone top 5!’

“I fucking love ‘Last Nite’,” said Glen Driscoll. “I can’t find ‘The Modern Age’ anywhere and this is a great idea to get it and the album.”

However, The Strokes‘ fans in eastern Europe appear to be more inclined to ‘Someday’. Franck from Dresden, Peter from Hungary and Ella from Warsaw all plumped for it.

However, Michael McColl’s remark was indicative of many. “Every

one of the songs on the album is worthy of release. ‘Last Nite’ is a great choice but it could be any,” he said.

‘Last Nite’ will be released in the coming weeks.

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