'It hurts him to even move around much'...

Strokes have cancelled the remaining two shows they had scheduled with Weezer due to ongoing problems with JULIAN CASABLANCAS’ knee.

Casablancas injured his knee a fortnight ago in Los Angeles, which meant he was unable to fly to New York for the beginning of the Weezer tour. The band will not now play ithe final shows in Atlanta, Georgia (July 29) and Antioch, Tennessee (30).

It is unclear exactly how he came to damage his leg, although an email from Strokes’ management to fans stated: “Jules’ knee is not healing as quickly as we thought and it hurts him to even move around much, so we have to think about his recovery, most importantly, so that he heals properly.”


Strokes are touring America from October 1 to November 30, with the full itinerary to be confirmed. The management’s email ruled out rescheduling to accommodate disgruntled fans as it would be logistically impossible. However, the spokesperson did say: “We’re still trying to think of ways we can make it up, but it’s not as easy as just adding a tour date in the fall…. please stay with us and we’ll figure something out! The support of our fans is very important to all the guys in the band!”


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