All the best new sounds from the Big Apple feature on 'YES New York'...

Rare tracks by THE STROKES and href=””>YEAH YEAH YEAHS are to be released on a new compilation album featuring the current crop of NEW YORK’s finest.

The 15-track anthology, ‘YES New York’ , will be released on June 3 on Wolfgang Morden, an imprint of Vice Records .

Opening with a live version of The Strokes’ ‘New York City Cops’ recorded in Iceland, the album also features songs by NME favourites Interpol, [a][/a] and Radio 4 . It closes with an acoustic rendition of ‘Our Time’, performed by Yeah Yeah Yeahs side project Unitard .

“As transplants to New York, we had spent a decade watching the New York rock scene kinda suck with too many Heartbreaker wannabes and noisy sound-alikes,” said executive producers Chris White and Brian Long , “In the spring of [2002] the ‘scene’ seemed to crystallise. Suddenly there were a lot of really interesting rock bands happening RIGHT NOW — and they didn’t all sound the same.”

The title of the album pays homage to the 1978 compilation, ‘No New York’ . Produced by Brian Eno, it featured tracks by local underground acts including DNA and The Jerks .

The ‘YES New York’ tracklisting will be:

‘New York City Cops’ (live) – The Strokes

‘Save Your City’ – Radio 4

‘Zero Point’ – the Rogers Sisters

‘The Ballad of the Sin Eater’ – Ted Leo/Pharmacists

‘Ladyfingers’ – The Fever

‘Next Plateau’ – Longwave

‘Strangler’ – Calla

‘Olio’ – The Rapture

‘Rue the Day’ – The Walkmen

‘NYC’ – Interpol

‘The Right Hand’ – The Natural History

‘Tired’ – LCD Soundsystem

‘Decepticon’ (DFA remix) – Le Tigre

‘What Used To Be French’ – Secret Machines

‘Our Time’ (acoustic) – Unitard