The acclaimed promo director and son of Francis Ford Coppola tells NME.COM he's got the New Yorkers in his sights...

Acclaimed promo director ROMAN COPPOLA wants to work with THE STROKES, NME.COM can exclusively reveal.

Speaking at the Edinburgh Film Festival today (15 August) Coppola said: “I really wanna work with The Strokes. I know they’re big here in the UK and I just told the person I work with to call them up and tell then I wanna work with them.”

Although nothing has yet been confirmed, Coppola has a better chance than most of working with New York’s finest. Son of Francis Ford Coppola, in the past he’s received much acclaim for directing videos for Moby, Daft Punk, Air and Fatboy Slim.

Coppola was also responsible for Mansun‘s ‘Taxloss’ video in which he threw £25,000 in cash into the air at Liverpool Street Station and filmed the results. That, he said, was his favourite piece of work.

“I really just lucked out on that one,” said Coppola.”It was the right idea, at the right time. Personally it was a very thrilling experience and a scary, exciting thing to do to throw the money in Liverpool Street Station. It will always stand out for me.”

Coppola was in Ediburgh for a retrospective of his work and to promote his debut film, ‘CQ’, which gets its premiere at the Edinburgh Film Festival tonight. Although he said he now wants to concentrate on making more movies, he also stated he would continue to make promos.

Coppola is the subject of a Channel 4 documentary to be screened later this year.