Wanna get into the shows in NYC and Detroit? Well you might have to pay over $200...

Strokes and White Stripes are the hottest ticket in AMERICA, with tickets for their co-headlining gigs in their respective home cities of NEW YORKand DETROIT selling on Internet auction site eBAY for over $200 each.

The shows at Chene Park, Detroit on August 9 and Irving Plaza, New York, August 14, sold out almost immediately. Frustrated fans are now bidding high sums to see their idols.

Tickets for the New York gig are attracting bids of over three times the $70 currently pledged for the Detroit show. However, New York state law restricts the resale of tickets, and residents of that state cannot bid more than $239.40 pet ticket, nor may part of this transaction take place in New York.

There are currently over thirty ticket vendors on ebay. The most optimistic of them is offering two tickets at $600 for the New York concert.