The New Yorkers get excited about their long awaited new material...

THE STROKES have enthused about their new songs – with guitarist ALBERT HAMMOND JR proclaiming one to be “the future of rock and roll”.

The Strokes have been working on new material for their new album in between heavy touring in support of their debut ‘Is This It’.

Speaking in the US, guitarist Albert Hammond Jr enthused about the new songs. He told Rolling Stone that the new material differs from straightforward pop, through to tracks that take longer to “understand what is going on”.


He said: “We have some songs that are easy to get, that are really cool. And there’s some songs you have to hear a couple times to understand what’s going on, but once you do the joy lasts so much longer. Like ‘Last Nite’ is easy to swallow but it goes away so much faster. A song like ‘Hard To Explain’ is a little less easy to swallow, but a month later you’re still totally into it.”

The band have been playing a handful of new songs on their current tour. New titles include ‘Meet Me In The Bathroom’, ‘I Can’t Win’ and ‘The Way It Is’. Hammond singled out the latter as one of the best of the new batch.

“It’s magical, rocking, interesting and everything we’re playing is so new,” he continued. “It’s like all rocking and then gets weird. What kind of song is this? It’s fucking the future of rock & roll, man! I say that with no ego whatsoever. I say that honestly.”

According to, ‘Is This It’ producer Gordon Raphael will work on the new songs with the band.

Singer Julian Casablancas explained: “It’s not gonna be like, ‘Oh, now that we’re successful, we’re gonna work with all these super-producer guys that are going to make us a top-selling hit.’ That’s never been the goal for us. We just want to do something special. We want to progress, but at the same time you still want that edge. You don’t want to lose it.”

He added: “We don’t have a new song unless it’s better and different than the other songs. So we’ll stick to the same criteria, and that’s all we’re doing. We’re trying to do something that’s original that still sounds good, whether you know a lot about music or you know nothing about music.”


The Strokes return to the UK later in the summer, where they headline the Carling Weekend Festivals in Reading and Leeds (August 23-25).