The band reckon their songwriting is getting much better...

THE STROKES have said their new album will feature a more “sophisticated” approach to songwriting.

The group will spend the last few months of 2002 working on songs for what will become the follow-up to ‘Is This It’, with a view to recording the album proper at the start of the New Year.

Some of the songs, ‘Ze Newie’, ‘Meet Me in the Bathroom’, ‘You Talk Way Too Much’, ‘I Can’t Win’ and ‘The Way It Is’, have been performed at various live shows this year, including last summer’s Reading and Leeds festivals.

Bassist Nikolai Fraiture told MTV that he was happy with the progress so far. He commented: “The writing is much more sophisticated and our performance and our musical ability is much better than the first recording. Our main focus is to just get better. We see our faults and we see our good qualities, and we know when we are doing well, and when we’re not it’s pretty obvious.”

The currently untitled record is set for release in 2003.